User Management

To create or view the user list of the system, we have  a menu called “User Access”.

The available sub sections in this menu are:

  1. Users

  2. New users

  3. Hcare Groups.

  1. Users:

    In this menu, you can view the list of the users and you can also modify user information. This section can also be used for creating new users simply by clicking on the “create” button. Another option available is importing the users, in which you have to follow a certain excel sheet format to import the user list.

  2. New users:

    This menu is specifically used for creating new users. Below are the steps for creating a new user:

    1. Click on the new user menu.

    2. Click on “create user” 

      A new wizard like below will appear on the screen.

      Provide the necessary information including the designated departments to provide user access accordingly.

    3. Then click on the “Confirm Button”

    The user account will be created.

  3. Hcare groups:

    This menu is more like the department/group each user falls under. To configure certain rules and access restrictions for users in the same department is done from this menu. 

    In most of the cases, we will configure these groups based on client requirements.